Born Transcendent

The Born Transcendent initiative aims to educate and employ people with Down-Syndrome. We want to unburocratically support people with Down-Syndrome in their education of practical skills, help to set them free in their artistic expression and guide them to their full potential in all areas.

Since years we have had people with Down-Syndrome around us, one of them being my daughter Jessica. People with Down-Syndrome can create art intuitively in the moment. The energy and pure independence of their expression is magnificent and an inspiration to everybody coming into contact with them.

People with T21 / Down Syndrome are emotionally highly gifted people who are able to touch people’s souls and minds, and pass on incredible energy of happiness and the awareness of what really matters in life.

These positive, life changing experiences and the immense transcendent energy around people with Down Syndrome impressed us deeply. It led us to create Born Transcendent, an Art & Fashion brand to celebrate people with Down-Syndrome and their innate emotional abilities. We wanted to create something that people with Down-Syndrome can wear with pride. Knowing that they themselves and others see them for their incredible abilities, instead of their disabilities.

Free from greed, mean ambition, materialism and only living a peaceful balance, they are still experiencing devaluing and suppression by the authorities and many societies push them to their edges. Undervalued and never praised by the authorities, even though Born Transcendent people are invaluable on so many levels for every society world wide.

It is our hope and dream to connect people worldwide and to stand together for the recognition of these uniquely gifted people.

If you are Born Transcendent or not, let’s stand together for equality no matter what.

Born Transcendent stands for:

Don’t believe in the precast opinions they have about you or others.

Break free. Stand for diversity of people.

For the freedom to decide your own path in life.

Stand for equality and be unhindered to find your true self/self worth.

Find your full potential on all levels.

Believe in yourself no matter what.

Release the power of inspiration within you.

Release the power of self worth within you.

Love and respect yourself and others.

Stand with the people who don’t dare to stand for themselves.

Speak for the people who don’t dare to speak for themselves.

Live and let live freedom.