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Born Transcendent

People Sculptures

People Sculptures

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Jessica, who has Down-Syndrome, forges metal statues in fire to carry a message around the world:

We are all different; we are all perfect.

Every statue is forged in fire by Jessica, starting with a raw piece of steel. She repeatedly heats each piece and shapes it with her hand hammer on the anvil, to create the People-Sculpture she wants. 

This allows her to create every sculpture a little different from the next and each statue is created with her expression of the moment.

Jessica forges life, every person/statue is different from the next but they are all perfect.  And this is what she wants to say: See the difference. Appreciate the difference. Because we are all unique and beautiful.

When purchasing one of Jessie's People-Statues, you are directly supporting her as an artist and as a young woman with Down-Syndrome, who tries to change the perception of how people with Down-Syndrome are seen.

Jessica dreams that all around the world, people connect by using her statues to create their own Sculptures of Diversity in their homes, by driving them with a hammer into a piece of timber just as she does in her home and garden.

Please note:

Every statue comes with a timber stand hand crafted by Jessie.
When ordering one of Jessie's sculptures, Jessie will choose herself which statue is being sent out to which customer. 

Each statue is about 16cm (6-7") high and weighs about 100gr (3.5oz).
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