About Us

About Jessica Jane

Jessica Jane was born in 2003 in Ireland, as the second daughter to a New Zealand mother and a German father. She is the face of and the inspiration behind Born Transcendent.
With her outgoing personality, her innate emotional capabilities and her creative talent, she inspires the people around her.
Jessica Jane started her training to become an art blacksmith, as well as working as a freelance artist and fashion designer for the art & fashion brand Born Transcendent.

About Suki

Suki studied German and English Language, Culture and Literature at the LMU in Munich, Germany, before coming to Ireland as part of her studies. What was meant to be only 6 months spent abroad, turned into 6 years now.
Meeting Jessica and becoming part of her enchanting life, took Suki on an exciting journey to explore the unconventional mindset of Jessica and become a co-founder of the art & fashion brand Born Transcendent.
Learning the art of blacksmithing together with Jessica in the Beara Blacksmith Forge and experiencing Jessica’s untinted creative energy, is enchanting every day.

About Reinhard

Reinhard (Ryan) is Jessica Jane’s father and one of the founders of Born Transcendent. He is a qualified Art-Blacksmith & Sculptor. After traveling around the world for years, he settled in Ireland 30 years ago having fallen in love with the beautiful Beara Peninsula.
In 2003, his daughter Jessica Jane was born. The positive experience of Jessica’s birth, the exciting and fulfilling life with her and the immense transcendent energy around Jessica and other people with Down-Syndrome, inspired him to create the world wide registered art & fashion brand Born Transcendent.

Learn more about Reinhard on bearablacksmith.ie